The History of Mini Dental Implants in Buffalo, NY

Mini Dental Implants were originally developed by Dr. Victor I. Sendax as a way to secure dental prostheses. As dental implant technology progressed, Dr. Ron Bulard developed mini dental implants (MDI) as a way to stabilize removable prosthetics.

It was commercialized in the market in 1999 and soon it became popular because of all the advantages that are associated with it. Today this form of treatment is popular all over the world and Buffalo is not an exception. There are many dentists who practice Mini Dental Implants in Buffalo NY, but Concierge Dental Group is your number one choice.

MDI employs minimally invasive techniques in order give patients the smile they've always wanted. Until a few years, it was used in the fixed applications with huge success. Today, it is used both for fixed as well as for removable applications.

In the abutment portion of the MDI, the crown as well as the bridgework can be cemented directly without much hassle and effort. In fact, the process of the MDI is not at all uncomfortable to the patient who is undergoing it. This process is quite flexible and it can be applied even in those areas where anatomical implants are not possible.

Removable dentures can easily and conveniently be converted to the full bridgework. The cost is also not much compared to the benefits that it provides to the patients. In fact, the mini implants act as a root by means of which they can hold the implant firmly in place, and give patients the look of naturally growing teeth.

At Concierge Dental Group, we are specialists in the field of MDI and can skillfully handle a wide assortment of dental implants. If mini dental implants are right for you, contact us and set up a consultation today!